The Truth About Trust In Relationships

Trust in relationships

Trust in relationships could be considered one of the essential requirements for the success of a good marriage or relationship. It is essential for a healthy relationship.

Trust is absolutely pivotal for a relationship to work. Where there is no trust, it affects the relationship in so many ways, and there are relationship questions, like cheating relationship questions.

When there is a lack of trust, there is continuous suspicion and doubt about many things, raising many related questions.

One is left questioning everything and wondering if certain behaviour or activities are other examples of a breach of trust in the relationship.


So much so that it can get to the point where a person is so affected they can never be at ease, even thinking that cheating in relationships is part of what happens in relationships.

When the couple is not together, whether this is during the day when each is at work or if one party is out elsewhere at other times.

Trust In Relationships

Lack Of Trust In Relationships

This lack of trust in the relationship can affect the person who feels there has been a violation of trust, so asking relationship questions becomes a constant focus.

They can be thinking, “what is he/she up to now,” “can I be sure they are where they said they would be or are going.”


The effects can be devastating and majorly impact the ongoing confidence level in the marriage.

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Trust in relationships can become an issue with some couples if one of the partners has a friendship with a person of the opposite sex.

There tends to be a belief among many people that it is impossible to have platonic relationships with anyone not of the same sex.

This can be a relationship issue threatening trust in relationships no matter how long people have been together or what age they are and can become a serious relationship problem.


This is rather a shame, as it is surely possible to have platonic relationships without suspecting there has to be sexual activity involved, leading to having grounds for lack of trust in relationships.

Unfortunately, this is very common, as there is such a strong view that men and women can’t have platonic relationships.

This can be the case, particularly with people who have cynical attitudes and tend to be sceptical and distrustful in their approach to life.

Another threat to trust in relationships can be if either partner has experienced a breakdown in trust in a previous relationship.


Sometimes people have not come to terms with this issue from a former relationship, and it can be useful to seek professional help if that is the case.

Associated with this is that there can be self-esteem issues that need to be addressed. In simple terms, it can be a matter of, “I wasn’t good enough before, how can I be now”.

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There can be an ongoing lack of trust in relationships. In many marriages and relationships, there is clear evidence of distrust.

When this happens, it is unlikely the relationship can survive to the satisfaction of both partners. In this case, it will be preferable for the couple not to stay together and to consider ways to end the relationship.


It is simply a matter of good relationships being built on trust, and without it, there is no foundation for the survival of the relationship.

I have tended to focus on the issues associated with when there is a lack, or breakdown of trust, in relationships.

It is important to emphasize that when there is trust in relationships, it is a wonderful experience for you.

It means you can be at ease with each other and have a totally different experience. You have a connection and level of intimacy that is intense and deep-seated, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.


You trust your relationship beyond most people’s wildest dreams and feel very special.


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