Trugoy the Dove A Rapper Passed Away At The Age Of 54

Trugoy the Dove

Trugoy the Dove, a well-known rapper and member of De La Soul, passed away recently at the age of 54. Some well-known people paid tribute to Trugoy, alias David Jolicoeur, on social media. Eric Schwartz, a comedian, posted a photo of David on Facebook with the caption:

“For many years, De La Soul struggled to reclaim the rights to their songs. Trugoy the Dove, nicknamed Dave, dies just as they do. De La Soul was a creative force that revolutionized people’s perceptions of what “rap” might be. A great trailblazer and icon. Thank you very much, Plug 2.”

Quest Green, a motivational speaker, also shared his sorrow on Facebook, writing:

“Man… I am heartbroken by the loss of yet another dear brother. David Jode Jolicoeur, nicknamed Plug Two, or Trugoy the Dove of De La Soul… Thank you for the music, but much more so for the memories. #delaforlife #dematlantadayzandnights.”


While the cause of his death has yet to be determined, Trugoy has previously discussed his health issues, specifically congestive heart failure.

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Trugoy the Dove discussed his health issues in the Royalty Capes music video from 2017

Trugoy had been suffering from congestive heart failure for a long time, which had hampered his career by causing him to miss the majority of his De La Soul shows.

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In 2017, Trugoy discussed his heart failure in the music video for De La Soul’s debut single, Royalty Capes.

David was filmed at his home in suburban Maryland, where he discussed his life and what it was like to live with a vest that protects him from congestive heart failure. In the video, David described the life vest as a mechanism that would shock him and bring him “back from the matrix.” He went on to say that he was eager to get back on stage and that he missed traveling and performing.

Trugoy the Dove

Trugoy the Dove’s Biography

Trugoy the Dove was born in East Massapequa, New York, on September 21, 1968. De La Soul was formed in 1988, with Vincent Mason and Kelvin Mercer also attending the same high school. While De La Soul was well-known for their songs, Trugoy the Dove also collaborated with A Tribe Called Quest on the single Award Tour. De La Soul’s debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising, was released in 1989.


Their next seven albums were De La Soul Is Dead, Buhloone Mindstate, Stakes Is High, Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump, AOI: Bionix, The Grind Date, and And the Anonymous Nobody… The group also released singles such as Plug Tunin, Say No Go, Eye Know, Breakadawn, and others.

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