The Best Seats at a Baseball Game: 5 Areas Reviewed

best seats for baseball game

Best Seats at a Baseball Game- What are the best seats at a baseball game? That depends on what you’re looking for from your seats, but some general rules apply to all ballparks. First, you want to be as close to the action as possible, so grab some Field Box seats or something similar so you can see the batter and pitcher gets set up in the box.

How to pick your seat best seats at a baseball game

No matter where you sit in a baseball stadium, you’re bound to have a good time at a baseball game. But if you want the best experience possible, there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing your seat.

Not every seat in a baseball stadium offers ideal viewing angles. For example, if you choose a seat down low along the baselines, players on either side will block your view of the home plate.

Some seats also offer more protection from foul balls than others. For example, section 118 in Miller Park is wholly protected from foul balls by netting or screens. However, in other sections of Miller Park, only some seats are protected by netting or screens.


The price of tickets is another important factor. While you may have your heart set on sitting along either first or third base, realize that those seats will be more expensive than seats higher up in Section 219.

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Field Boxes

Field boxes are great for those who want to be close to the action in a baseball game. You’ll have an unobstructed view of the field, and you’ll be able to see all the plays as they happen. Plus, you’ll be right next to the players as they come out of the dugout, which is always a fun experience. Just be prepared for foul balls – they tend to fly into the stands in this area!

If you’ve got some extra cash, field boxes are great for those who want to be close to all the action in a baseball game. You’ll be right on top of everything and have an unobstructed view. And while they’re great, there is one downside – foul balls tend to fly into them. So if you don’t mind looking out for batted balls, then, by all means, buy a ticket in these sections!

Reserved seating behind home plate

Reserved seating behind the home plate is the best way to ensure you have a great baseball game view. You’ll be close to the action and able to see all the plays unfold. In addition, you won’t have to worry about getting sunburned or dealing with rowdy fans.


 Many of these seats are located under cover, but you may be able to enjoy some sunshine by sitting along an aisle. If you don’t want to miss any action on the field or have trouble seeing over tall fans, go for seats on or near home plate. These are among your best options for great views and comfort.

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Loge Boxes

Loge Boxes are typically located just below the mezzanine level and offer some of the best views in the ballpark when it comes to the best seats in a baseball game. They also tend to be more affordable than other premium seating options. As a result, Loge Boxes are a great option if you’re looking for a great all-around experience.

If you’re interested in high-end luxury, check out Club Boxes. These boxes have typically located on either side of home plate, behind home plate, or on one side of first base. Most feature cushioned seating for up to 10 people with wait service available for food and beverages. Some even come with private bars, dining areas, and televisions so you can keep track of other game action.

When choosing seats in a stadium during a baseball game with luxury amenities like these, be prepared to pay more.


Promenade Boxes

For those looking for an affordable option with good views of the field, the Promenade Boxes are a great choice. You’ll be able to see all the action on the field and get a good view of the scoreboard. Plus, you’ll be close enough to hear the players and coaches talking to each other.

Behind the home, a plate is another option. When you’re sitting on either side of home plate, you’ll have clear views of all of the players, but your view may be impeded by coaches who run back and forth behind you on their way to conferring with players.

best seats for baseball game

Luxury Suites

A luxury suite at a baseball game is the perfect way to enjoy America’s pastime. You’ll have an exclusive area to entertain guests, access to VIP amenities, and some of the best views in the ballpark. In addition, you can get closer to the action with access to the field level. A luxury suite is a way to go if you want the ultimate baseball experience.

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The best baseball luxury suites are in high-end stadiums like PNC Park. At PNC Park, you can access stunning views of downtown Pittsburgh. The luxury suite also offers private bathroom facilities and a full catering menu from Aramark.


 At Coors Field, you’ll find more than just incredible views of downtown Denver. The Park Lofts include:

  • Premium seating options.
  • In-suite catering options.
  • Multiple flat-screen TVs with HD connectivity.
  • Indoor climate-controlled private elevator entry.

Final thoughts

Best seats at a baseball game: If you want to be close to the action and have a great field view, aim for seats in the lower rows of the sections most relative to the home plate. These seats will be more expensive, but they’re worth it if you can swing them. If you’re on a budget, try for seats in the upper deck—you’ll still get a good view of the game without breaking the bank.

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