Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 (CS:GO 2022-2023 Update)

best grenade spots dust 2

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 – Grenades in CS:GO is one of the most useful utilities. Multiple types of utilities are available in the game, and all of them work differently. They can help you gain an advantage during various game stages.

And today, we will talk about the best grenade spots in Dust 2.

Dust 2 is regarded as a popular CS:GO map. It features middle doors, which often serve as vantage points. However, some players make a big mistake because they wander around the map without a proper plan. They don’t use their utility during the match, which often makes them lose.

For instance, a smoke grenade (we already have done Smoke Spots Dust 2 Guide) can block the vision of snipers looking at you from the corner of the map. Similarly, you can blind your enemies before walking through a door by using a flash grenade.


Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

We will list down the best Dust 2 grenade spots to ensure that you throw your grenades effectively.

Best Flash Spots

A Long Doors Pop Flash

The first grenade on this list is a pop flash perfect for entering through A long doors. Usually, CTs can push up A long and hold an aggressive angle. This pop flash can help you get inside safely and even help you pick up a kill or two.

A Site Entry Flash from Short

This is another excellent entry flash for the T-side players. You throw it from A short/ catwalk side and should blind most enemies hiding within the default plant site. Just watch out for players hiding in A long or car.

Long Doors Aggressive Pop Flash with Teammate

Next, we have a flash for CTs who want to be more aggressive and push towards long doors. This should blind any Terrorists pushing and going outside long doors. Unfortunately, you can’t do this flash alone and need somebody else to throw the flash for you.


Grab your best Discord headset and practice this flash with a friend or a duo. It’s a very powerful flash that most enemies won’t see coming.

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best grenade spots dust 2

A Short Stairs Pop Flash

This next flash is perfect for both attacks and retakes. It’s thrown from catwalk and blinds anyone within A short or stairs. This is a great flash to use if you think people are holding an angle somewhere short. It’s also quite hard to dodge because comes from a high place.

A Site Catwalk Flash

This flash is a great CT flash that you can throw from A ramp. It’s a pretty easy and safe flash to throw and hard to dodge because enemies can barely see it coming. It should blind everyone going towards the site from A short. This then allows you to get a free kill or two before hiding back to safety.


A Long Doors from Pit

Sometimes you have to play something out of the ordinary to surprise your enemies. One popular go-to strategy in these situations is to play inside of pit. However, this is usually a one-and-done type of play. Something you can do to get some extra kills is to pop flash out of pit. This should blind anyone coming from A long doors and allow you to pop their heads.

Best Molly/HE Spots

A Site Default Molly

Now, we’re moving on to molly grenades. Molotov and incendiary grenades burn and spread once they explode. It’s a great way to clear areas and corners without checking them one by one.

This molly is for A site default and can quickly help clear the site making it safe for your team to plant the bomb.

A Site Goose Molly

Goose is located at the top corner of A site. It’s a great place to hide from A short while having complete vision over A long. Usually, AWPers play at goose and tuck into the corner when hiding. Throwing a Molotov at this spot is a good idea to easily clear it when coming from A short.


Car Molly

Finally, we have the car molly for A site. This is the last A site grenade spot on this list. Car is a common cheeky angle to play since you can spot Terrorists crossing from A long or A short. It’s definitely worth using a Molotov to check car to ensure that no one is hiding within that pocket.

The molly can also be thrown from a safe space and combined with the A long doors pop flash for safety.

A Long Doors CT Molly

This molly or HE spot can slow down T pushes from long doors. It can be thrown while running towards A long and lands directly on the exit from A long doors. You can then use this opportunity to hold the angle and wait for anyone that tries to pass through. Watch out for some pop flashes though!

best grenade spots dust 2


Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – B Site

Next, here are some of the best grenade spots for the B site in Dust 2. Lineups usually require jump binds for accuracy. Prepare your best CS:GO keyboard to accurately throw these grenades using jump binds.

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Best Flash Spots

B Site Entry Flash

The following two flashes are both for entering into the B site. Both are thrown from different locations and blind people from different angles. This first one is better for close angles and will blind everyone looking directly at B main.

B Site Deep Flash

Next, this B site entry flash pops further than the first one and should blind enemies positioned at B window, back plat, outside B car, and fence. These two flashes are great to use right after each other and ensures that most if not all people defending the B site are blinded.

B Main Flash from Window

Since we’re already talking about flashes, here’s another excellent flash to use to delay B main rushes. This flash is thrown from B window and should blind everyone trying to rush B main. Make sure to communicate the flash if you have a player on back plat since it can flash him too.


B Site Flash for Retake

Lastly, we have a good flash for retaking B site. This flash can be thrown just outside B window and should blind anyone on site, watching B window, and even enemies holding B door. It’s an excellent and quick flash that covers a huge area.

CT Flash from B Site

This flash is used to delay retakes or backup CT players coming from spawn. It blinds everyone from CT spawn or mid and has wide coverage. You can also have a teammate peek through B window or doors to get some extra value out of your flash.

best grenade spots dust 2

Best Molly/HE Spots

Back Platform Molly

Back plat is usually a place where AWPers hold angles in B site. You can easily force them to move by throwing a molly back there. He either moves out of cover, and you can get a quick kill, or he burns from your molly.


Make sure you have a bit of cover since it’s a relatively open lineup. Throwing a smoke at B main would help a lot.

CT Spawn Molly from B Site

This molly is great for preventing quick rotates through CT spawn. It covers a large area, and enemies can’t pass unless they use a smoke grenade to put out the molly or they take some damage.

Unfortunately, this grenade spot only works if you have complete control over B site since it’s thrown from a pretty open area.

B Main Molly/HE from Doors

This next molly is for CTs and can help prevent B main rushes. You can also work with a teammate to follow this up with an HE grenade or throw it yourself after the molly dies down to buy some extra time.


B Main Molly/HE from Window

In addition to the first grenade spot, you can also throw a molly or HE grenade from B window, which will serve the same purpose. This is just a better way to throw the grenades if you are an AWPer holding window.

This last molly grenade spot is a great way to retake B site control as CTs. It can safely be thrown near B boxes and help you regain control of the site. It can also be a great way to prevent or delay enemies from planting the bomb.

B Car Molly for Retake

B car is a very popular post-plant spot on B site. It provides some decent protection and gives you a straight view of B doors and window. As a retaker, throwing a molly in this location is wise to reduce the number of angles you have to check when entering the site. The molly should clear that area and allow you to focus on other angles instead.

best grenade spots dust 2


Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2 – Middle Area

The last part of this list includes the best grenade spots for the middle area in Dust 2. Make sure to get your best CS:GO mouse ready and lineup grenades for mid doors, short, and tunnels.

Best Flash Spots

Mid Doors Pop Flash

First, we have a great mid doors pop flash perfect for pushing through mid from tunnels. This can surprise enemies holding behind mid doors. AWPers usually hold mid doors, and sometimes some enemies even hold close angles. They should all get blind by this flash.

Mid Doors Pop Flash for CT

This flash is only helpful in a specific situation, but it has a very easy lineup so it’s still worth remembering. You can use this mid doors pop flash if you think an enemy has pushed through mid and is peeking through doors. This should blind him and anyone else playing in close mid doors and get you a free kill.

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Best Molly/HE Spots

Mid Doors Molly

This is a great follow-up molly to the flash mentioned above, especially if you don’t want to push through mid doors. This molly lands right behind mid doors and burns everyone holding the close corner.

Short Stairs Molly

Next, we have a molly for A short that can hold off aggressive CT pushes and can help you easily go through mid doors or push tunnels. Be prepared to fight, though, because enemies can still push through the molly.

Short Molly for Defenders

Opposite to the first molly, this one is a CT-side molly that you can throw to prevent quick a short pushes. The molly gives your teammates extra time to rotate to A site or for you to reposition to a better angle.

Mid Tunnels Molly from A Short

The mid tunnels molly is a very useful molly that can help stop pushes or rotates from B to mid. It’s thrown from short and lands directly at the bottom of the tunnel stairs. The molly should allow you to push forward and hold the angle before they can peek again.


Catwalk Molly From Mid

Finally, we have a catwalk molly thrown from mid. It’s a great molly that you can use to help support anyone playing in A short. It lands directly on the ledge on catwalk and spreads. It covers such a wide area that it even reaches Xbox and burns anyone near A short.

best grenade spots dust 2


Those were our picks for the best grenade spots for Dust 2. These grenade spots can be game-changers when used correctly. Remember to memorize at leat a few of them to help you in your intense ranked games.

Dust 2 has been around for over 20 years, nearly 5 years since it was revamped in CS:GO and a few months since it was once again updated in Operation Riptide. I’m sure there are plenty more grenade spots and lineups out there that people have discovered.



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