Audrey Lokelani Fualaau And Georgia Fualaau (2023 Update)

Audrey Lokelani Fualaau And Georgia Fualaau

Vili Fualaau’s children are Audrey Lokelani Fualaau and Georgia Fualaau. Many fans are eager to learn more about them. Vili is a Samoan American DJ best known for his sexual relationship with his sixth-grade teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau, which sparked a national scandal.

Mary, a married mother of four, took Fualaau under her wing and encouraged his creative abilities before pleading guilty to second-degree rape and going to prison.

Vili Fualaau’s daughters, Audrey Lokelani Fualaau and Georgia Fualaau

Audrey Lokelani, Fualaau Georgia Fualaau is Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay Letourneau’s infant daughter. Mary was pregnant with a child when she pled guilty to second-degree rape and was sentenced to prison. However, after the teacher was released, the couple married and gave birth to their daughter Audrey in May, while she was on trial for sexual assault, making Fualaau a father at the age of 14.

Letourneau had become pregnant twice with Villi children by the age of 15. According to RadarOnline, the instructor was an adult when he was released, and the court had to dismiss a court-restraining order in order for them to meet.


After serving her three-month sentence, she was discovered having sex with Vili in a vehicle, sentenced to seven years in prison, and gave birth to their second daughter, Georgia. According to the stories, the girls were purchased and raised by their paternal grandmother, Soona Vili, while their father was still a juvenile and their mother was in jail. Despite family issues, his daughters had a positive relationship with their parents.

Audrey Lokelani Fualaau And Georgia Fualaau

Audrey Lokelani Fualaau and Georgia Fualaau’s Age Difference

Vili Fualaau was born in the United States of America on June 26, 1983, to his father, Luaiva Fualaau, and mother, Soona Vili. Since Mary was born on January 30, 1962, in Tustin, California, Vili and his wife have a 21-year age difference. He married Letourneau after being released from prison in 2004. According to the source biography, he and Mary got engaged quickly and married in May 2005 at a vineyard in Woodinville, Washington.

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The 14-year-old father eventually reconnected with his daughter and relocated to Seattle, Washington. However, the couple divorced in 2017, and he was by her side when she died, while Mary left him her entire fortune in her will. Father and daughter have a small age difference because his first daughter was born when he was 14 years old.


As a result, he and his first daughter are 14 years apart in age. And the second child has a 13-year age gap because she is one year younger than Audrey. Even now, the daughter believes Vili is a young father who enjoys going to clubs and feels like a buddy dad.

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Vili Fualaau’s Family And Ethnicity

Soona Vili and Luaiva Fualaau, American parents, gave birth to Vili Fualaau in the United States. According to insiders, he is the only child in the family and has always kept his family life hidden from cameras and questions.

As a result, no information about their careers or current lives exists because the American DJ has never spoken about it. In 1991, he enrolled at Shorewood Elementary School in Burien, Washington, and became Mary Kay’s second-grade student. Kay took him in and began to nurture his creative abilities; he even became friends with the teacher’s eldest child, Steve, who spent the majority of his time in her home, according to sun signs.


He was a young father of two children by the age of 15 because he had a sexual relationship with his instructor, and he had a terrible period and dropped out of school. Despite years of sadness and a lack of support from his family and friends, Fualaau attempted suicide at the age of 18. Nonetheless, he obtained his two children and has supported them throughout their lives.

Audrey Lokelani Fualaau And Georgia Fualaau

Facts About Audrey Lokelani Fualaau That Probably Flew Over Your Head

1. Brief Biography Of Audrey’s Mum, Mary Kay

Mary Kay Letourneau was born Mary Katherine Schmitz on the 30th of January 1962 in Orange County California. She was born to a college professor named John Schmitz and a devoted member of the Catholic Church named Mary Schmitz.

She was the fourth child of her parents and the first daughter. Mary Kay graduated from Arizona State University where she developed a liking for politics and wanted to pursue a career in that field.

2. Mary Kay Letourneau Got Married To Her High-school Sweetheart

While still in school, Ms. Lokelani’s mum met a man named Steve Letourneau who was a fellow student. They became a couple and by 1985 they got married after she birthed a son named Steve Jr.

After getting married, Steve and his wife moved to Seattle, Washington, and raised a family together. They both sought jobs in order to help with the finances of their household.

3. Audrey Has 4 Half Siblings

The marriage between Mary and Steve saw the birth of 4 kids named Steve Jr., Nicholas, Mary Claire, and Jacqueline. These kids were born within the period of the years of Mary Kay and Steve’s marriage. These 4 kids are all older than Audrey Lokelani Fualaau.

4. About Lokelani’s Mother’s Illicit Relationship With Vili Fualaau

Mary Kay and her husband were successfully raising their kids as she took a job as a school teacher at Shorewood Elementary School. She was a 6th-grade teacher and was in charge of pupils including 12-year-old Vili Fualaau.


Vili Fualaau was an art enthusiast who was under the special care of Mary Kay as she encouraged his artistic values. Mrs. Letourneau welcomed Vili into her home and encouraged a friendship between him and her first son.

By the year 1996, Mary and her 13-year-old pupil began a relationship and they shared this relationship till 1997 when it was uncovered by her husband. Steve Letourneau found love letters that his wife wrote to her then-pupil and the news of the relationship spread. It eventually got to the authorities and she was arrested and charged with rape and having an illicit relationships with a minor.

Audrey Lokelani Fualaau And Georgia Fualaau

Mrs. Letourneau was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment but was released after 80 days, on parole. This incarceration did not end the relationship between Mary and Vili as they already had a daughter by then. The young pupil and his older lover continued to see while she was released on parole and they were caught again together in the back of a car even after a court warning against this.


Letourneau was again sentenced to serve her full time in prison and by this time, she was pregnant with Vili’s second child; a daughter named Georgia who was born in October 1998.

5. Ms. Lokelani Is The First Child From Her Mother’s Illicit Relationship

Audrey Lokelani Fualaau is the first child of Mary Kay with her 13-year-old lover, Vili. She was born in May 1997 months before her mother pleaded guilty to her charges. She is the older sister to another daughter known as Georgia who was born barely a year after in 1998.

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6. Mary Kay And Vili Got Married Amidst The Scandal

Audrey Lokelani Fualaau’s parents got married after Mary’s release from prison. She served her full 7 years in prison after being caught with the minor while on parole. However, upon her eventual release, Fualaau, who had come of age, appealed the court’s ruling which prevented him from seeing and being with Katherine.

The court granted the then 21-year old his wish and by 2005 they were married. They got married in Woodinville, Washington, and raised their kids together. Mrs. Letourneau even reunited with her older children and they all led a united happy life. Fualaau became a DJ and his wife went on to get a job as well.


7. Vili’s First Daughter Spent Her Early Years With Her Grandmother

Upon Audrey’s birth, she was made to stay with her father’s mother, Soona. Soona also took care of her son’s second child with the former school teacher while she was still imprisoned.

The girls spent the beginning of their lives with their grandmother until Mary was done with her jail time. Soona raised her grandkids with love and maintained a good relationship with them not minding the situation her son was in.

When Audrey’s parents got married, they took charge of their daughters and raised them together.

8. Audrey’s Relationship With Her Parents

Audrey and her sister, Georgia recall having a normal relationship with their parents growing up. They led a normal life and were not really bothered by their mother’s past. Audrey and her younger sister attended Highline College, a school located in the same area where their mother once taught.


Mary was a strict parent according to Audrey but the girls had a ‘friend-like’ relationship with their dad who was less strict.

They also have a great relationship with their older half-siblings who became part of their family upon their reconciliation with Katherine Schmitz.

9. Mary And Vili’s Separation

After being married for about 12 years, the couple who made news from the beginning of their relationship got separated. In a report in May 2017, it was stated that their separation was mostly finance-related and not because of any family issues.

However, this report was refuted by Vili Fualaau in August of the same year. Nonetheless, the couple remained cordial and close even amidst the separation as Mary Katherine Schmitz did not want to be separated from him.


10. Mary Kay Letourneau Died On The 6th Of July 2020

After being in the news for her act tagged ‘irresponsible’ in the 1990s as well as making several appearances for interviews with her family, Mary Kay Letourneau died in 2020. She suffered from colon cancer and this was the eventual cause of death.

Mary Kay died in her house which was close to Seattle and it was said that Vili was by her side all through her illness to the point of death despite being divorced from her. Upon her death, she had documentaries and movies which were drawn from her story with Vili.

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